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Are you interested in seeing what the gang at the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild has been up to? Check out these fun recaps of what's been happening at guild meetings across the country. Scroll down the page or choose a link below.

May 2016

Bringing Back Buttercream Flowers

It has been a while since piped buttercream flowers were envogue but buttercream designs are once again a hot product. While learning to pipe perfect buttercream flowers can be done in many different ways the newest and hotest method for piping buttercream flowers is with these new Russian style piping tips which simultaniously pipes both the interior and exterior of a flower with a quick simple motion.


In May the chapters of the CCDG all across Canada got to experiment with this hot new product. Members piped  buttercream roses and tulips and experimented with different ways to make the flowers multicolour.


Thank You


April 2016

Colourific Colouring

With the current rise in popularity of adult colouring the members of the CCDG were very excited about this months sponsored product. In April members across Canada were testing out Rainbow Dust edible colouring markers. Members were able to experiment with the markers as they followed along a tutorial from guild member and administrator Jaime Ho.


Thank You

March 2016

Seeking Spring Time

In March Canadian Cake Decorators across Canada were dreaming of the spring as they created beautiful sugar blooms. CCDG Member & Administrator created gumpaste dahlia a tutorial for each of our members.


Guild members had a wonderful time creating all of the petals with Marks tutorials and the flower cutters he designed which he sent to each chapter. Then it was time to assemble the blooms and give them a dusting of colour to really make them pop.

February 2016


This February Canadian Cake Decorators Guild members across Canada were trying out a new hot product that has hit the cake scene. It's called Flexique and to quote one of our's Amazeballs.


Flexique is a gelatin based product that can be used to create edible fabrics, drapery, bows, making flexible flowers and other decorative pieces. Chapters across the country were having a great time testing out this new product and dreaming up different ways that the product could possibly be used. Some ideas included clothing for figures, lace, gingerbread house windows and possibly the most intriguing idea...fake skin and blood for Halloween themed cakes.

January 2016

Dress Up Your Cake Boards

During the month of January Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were dressing up their cake boards and drums with a dash of creativity and some Mod Podge.

Members gathered together all sorts of fun and inspiring materials and experimented with adding these items to their cake boards and sealing it all in with a nice clear durable coating of Mod Podge.

Gathering with great cake friends and experimenting with new ideas; what a great way to kick off 2016.

December 2015

Happy Holidays

During the month of December Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were getting together and celebrate the holiday season.


What a better way to get in the season than to spend some time with your cake friends, some treats and maybe a festive beverage. Happy Holidays to everyone from the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild. We are looking forward to another great year in 2016.

november 2015

Bring On The Colour

During the month of November Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were getting colourful with gel food colouring paste.

As cake decorators our food colourings are some of the most important tools in our toolboxes. Finding colourings that provide you true and vibrant colouring without affecting taste is so important.

This months sponsor Prime Ingredients sent each of our chapters two boxes of some of their colours and let our decorators test drive them before they were available to the general public. The vibrant colours and lovely packaging of the Prime Ingredients food colourings were a bit hit from coast to coast.

October 2016

Falling For Butterflies

During the month of October Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were creating edible sugar butterflies. 

This month our sponsor Blossom Sugar Art gifted each of our chapters one of their butterfly cutters and presses to experiment with. Some of the chapters had fun working with the butterflies alone, while others used the butterflies to top cupcakes and cake pops.

September 2015

This Is How We Roll

During the month of September Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were testing different types of rolled fondant.


For most cake decorators these days there is nothing more important to you than your fondant. Each decorator has their prefrences when it comes to firmness, elasticity, taste and feel and so this meeting gives the decorators an opportunity to test out different brands. Some fondant was provided by our sponsor and chapter members also brought in samples of their favorite brands so that the groups could test and compare.

july 2015

For The Birds

During the month of July Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were making adorable sugar bird houses. 

This months sponsor fmm Sugarcraft sent chapters their new fun "More than a Birdhouse" cutter set. The set allowed each member to creat their own beautiful sugar bird house that they could decorate and take home.

These cute houses got members talking about the versatility of some of our cake tools. These little houses could be used as a topper on a cake, used to create a mini gingerbread house or perhaps a sugar wedding/party favour stuffed with yummy chocolates.

June 2015

Lovely & Lacey

During the month of June Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were making this lovely and lacey! Anyone in the cake world can tell you right now that there is nothing more requested by brides for their wedding cakes this year than lace.

This months sponsor in2food sent chapters their new lace icing and mould products to test and play with. 

Chapters also chatted about different techiniques for creating a lace finish on a cake and shared their tips and tricks ensuing everyone can stay on trend this summer.

May 2015

Super Smooth

During the month of May Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were experimenting and sharing various tips, tricks and techniques for getting a perfectly smooth finish on a buttercream cake.

This months sponsor Cake Safe sent chapters one of their great clear acrylic icing scrapers for chapter members to test out.

As wedding season approaches and buttercream cakes continue to remain a popular trend this months meeting was a perfect kick off to the upcoming season.

April 2015

Bringing Back Buttercream Flowers

During the month of April Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were creating beautiful life like sugar tulips. 

This months sponsor NY Cake sent chapters a James Roselle French Tulip Cutter & Veiner. 

These gorgeous spring florals were just want we needed to get pumped up for a wonderful spring full of cakey goodness.

March 2015

Edible Prints

During the month of March Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were experimenting with putting edible patterns on cakes, cookies, fondant and chocolate. 

This months sponsor PMD Solutions sent chapters a selection of their cocoa butter edible image transfers to have fun with.

In addition to all the tasty pattered goodies the Vancouver chapter wwas having fun making cookie cutters and in Kitchener they were making succulents. 

February 2015

Mmm Cake!

During the month of February Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were contemplating the great debate that many decorators face; Scratch vs. Mix.

This months two sponsors Virgin Ice & Icing Inspirations sent chapters either vanilla, chocolate or red velvet cake mixes to bake and taste test. Many of the chapters also invited memebers to bring some of their own favorite mix or scratch cakes. It was a fun tasty activity seeing if members could tell which cakes were which.

In addition to all the deliciousness there were a few chapters that were still having fun with their Jessica Harris templates from the January meeting. At the Montreal South Shore chapter they were discussing finishing techniques for cake boards. In Kitchener there was some fun with onlays.

February was a delicious month for the CCDG.

January 2015

We Love Wax Paper!

During the month of January Canadian Cake Decorators Guild chapters across Canada were learning all about the Wax Paper Transfer Method developed by Jessica Harris.

Jessica is well known in the cake world for her very clean graphic designs. Jessica designed a special template specifically for the guild. We used this special design to learn how to use the wax paper transfer method. It was an awesome success.

Everyone came to their meetings with cakes and fondant in hand ready to go. Before too long the wax paper transfers were ready to roll and gorgeous graphic cakes were coming to life. The members were thrilled with the simplicity of the technique.

The technique is also really wonderful because of its versatility. It would very easily lend itself to so many different designs and uses.

The wax paper transfer method is explained in all three of Jessica's wonderful Craftsy classes. These online classes are certainly not to be missed. They all contain great tips/tricks for decorators of all skill level. Links to these classes are listed below. There is also a link to Jessica's online template gallery where for a very minimal amount you can get access to lots of other stylish graphic designs.

What a wonderful way to start off 2015; gatherings of great cake friends, a versatile new skill and beautiful results!


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