The Canadian Cake Decorating Guild (CCDG) has spread across Canada with chapters from coast to coast and is continuously growing. 

Our cake decorating community has certainly become the place to Meet, Share and Learn!

We are a club built for cake decorators of all skills levels, that includes members from all over the country. We have many skilled and knowledgeable cake designers as members who are always willing to share their experience and expertise with others.

Members with a local chapter meet regularly to share their enthusiasm and learn new skills.

If there is not a local chapter near you the guild still offers you the opportunity to meet, share and learn online. Perhaps you would be interested in learing about starting a chapter in your part of the country.

Members of the CCDG also benefit from discounted offers from cake decorating schools, equiptment suppliers, wholesalers and accessory suppliers.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild.



The CCDG proudly offers great opportunities for Canadian Cake Decorators to come together in person and online. Having a supportive group of "Cake Friends" is a great way to learn, share, and ask for help/advice. 


Meet Cake Friends Online

  • Members will have access to our exclusive private Facebook community group! Many of our members have established connections that have developed into life long friendships thanks to the CCDG.


Meet Cake Friends In Person

  • attend the CHAPTER meeting near you

  • help your local chapter grow by telling other local decorators in your area about the CCDG

  • make plans with your online guild friends to meet at cake/baking tradeshows, competitions and events


The CCDG understands how important sharing is within our sugary sweet community. Many cake decorators (both hobbyists and professionals) are self taught or learned through shared online material. We like to encourage our members to share with one another so everyones knowledge and skill set can grow.


Post on the in our exclusive private facebook community group.

  • recipes you love and are willing to share

  • tips/tricks for your favorite techniques

  • tutorials or links to great tutorials you have foundy

  • share your knowledge by answering questions from others

  • share photos of your work with others


At your local CHAPTER meeting

  • volunteer to to a demonstration or lead a lesson

  • bring your newest or favorite tools/equiptment to show off

  • bring cake books, magazines to let your "cake friends" look through

  • share shipping costs orders from your favorite CAKE SHOP by ordering together


While the social aspects the CCDG have to offer are wonderful the opportunity to learn is more than likely why you've found yourself here.


At a local CHAPTER meeting

  • learn new techniques from chapter admins and other members

  • have the opportunity to test the latest products on the market from our wonderful SPONSORS

  • ask questions about all things cake related and get great advice from fellow cake decorators


On our exclusive private Facebook Community

  • check out the wealth of shared information that already exists on our forum...tips, tutorials, recipes, etc.

  • ask questions on the forum for advice from cake decorators from all across Canada

  • keep on top of the latest techniques, trends and newest products in the industry